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Is there really a God?

Did you know?

In the observable universe, there are aboutSolar

1024 stars

176 billion galaxies

500 solar systems

The inexhaustible envelope of air is 100 kilometres thick, and of exactly the right density to support human life. The gravitational force of the earth keeps the oceans from falling off toward the sun – is it just another law of physics? Why does the earth spin at a constant speed so that we have day and night, without ever slowing down or speeding up? Who placed it at the precise distance from the sun, which fuels a fire just warm enough to sustain us on earth, but not too hot to fry us or too cold to kill us. Who keeps this fire constant?

Clouds bring rain and shade, failing which there would be famine! The top few inches of topsoil sustains all vegetation without which humans and animals would starve. Who made the treasure deposits of diamonds, gold, coal, zinc, iron and uranium inside the earth? Was it all just another priceless accident from some cosmic explosion?

Water expands when it freezes, while other substances contract. This makes ice lighter than water and keeps it floating on the water surface. Otherwise, lakes would be solid ice down to the bottom all year, and no fish could survive. Is it just another strange coincidence?

Who teaches birds to construct nests with such brilliant engineering skills?woodpecker Every year, the Red Knot flies 15,000 kilometres from its breeding ground in Northern Canada to Argentina. Who taught it the route, speed and why it must do this? A woodpecker not only has an industrial-strength beak, it also has a special cartilage between its head and beak to absorb some of the shock from the continuous drumming. Without these, it would have a shattered beak and an injured head! Can evolution explain how it survived while it was ‘evolving’ its advanced body parts?

What makes a light bulb light? Electricity? What is it? Who showed it how to travel at lightning speed, making right angle turns and twists on a piece of wire without flying off? By the way, what is light? Who invented eyes to see light?

The Human Eyeeye

weighs just 7.5 grams and has a volume of 6 mm3. Its focusing muscles move an estimated 1,00,000 times daily. Its 0.5 mm thick retina contains 13,70,00,000 light-sensitive cells! Who designed it with such precision and creativity?

heartThe Human Heart

will beat around 60-100 times every minute for 70 to 80 years without faltering. How does it get sufficient rest between beats? Has it ever gone on vacation at any point in your life? In the first place, who told the heart to start pumping? The blood, oxygenated by the lungs, is pumped by the heart. The kidney will filter poison from the blood and leave good things alone. Who told it to do so?

If evolution is true, how did the heart, lungs and kidneys evolve at the same time? It’s obvious that one cannot exist without the other. If the need for an organ caused its evolution, how did the organism manage to survive while the organ was still evolving?

Who showed a womb how to fuse a sperm and egg, and keep splitting the tiny embryo until, in time, a baby would have the proper number of fingers, eyes, and hair in the right places and come into the world when it is strong enough to sustain life?

Is it all just an accident? Or is there an Intelligent Designer?

By seeing this marvellous creation, it’s really hard to ignore the almighty Creator. The Holy Bible talks of such a God who is infinite in power and wisdom. He has revealed Himself to you, to be knowable as a person, in Jesus Christ.

God created a perfect world which is now disfigured because of man’s disobedience. You can’t deny that you have told lies, hated, stolen, looked with lust, used God’s name in vain (as a cuss word), and many other such sins against a holy and just God who created you. Every sinner deserves to go to hell – the place of God’s wrath. You can’t impress God hoping to outweigh your bad deeds by your good works. He sees your sin as a debt you can’t pay at any cost.

Knowing this, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, came down to earth as a man and showed us God’s love. While we were still sinners and worthy to receive the wrath of God, He shed His blood and died for our sins upon a cross about 2000 years ago. His blood paid the fine for all our sins and He was buried. He rose from the grave on the third day! To those who believe in Him as their Saviour and turn from their sins and surrender their lives to Him by accepting Him as their Lord, Jesus Christ forgives their sins. He reconciles them with God and assures them everlasting life – life with Him, even after death, in heaven!

Dear friend,

Why not seek God today and find the real purpose for your existence and the reason for living?

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