How To Be An Effective Member In The Body Of Christ


Six things that can help us to be an effective member in the body of Christ

1. Leaving and cleaving :
Eph 5 : 31, 32 Christ left his glory and became one with us. In the same way His bride also should leave all (job, money, honor etc) and cleave or become one with Christ. If leaving is not proper cleaving also won’t be proper. (Leaving doesn’t mean resigning job but not possessing it)

2. Doing each one’s task in the quarries of life:
1 Kings 6 : 7 The projections and depressions of each stone is removed in the quarries of life ie in the life circumstances at home work place etc. Eph 2 : 14 -16 There is an enmity in each one’s flesh to others which can be removed only through the cross so that we can become one body. Col 1 : 24 – There is a part each one has to fulfil in the affictions of Christ. If I don’t do my part there will be lack to that extent in the Church.
Imagine one day Jesus was sitting at the back seat of our meeting and he didn’t utter a word – after the meeting we may say even though today’s word was not so wonderful or worship time and music was not so good but there was something about the meeting. So by coming to the meeting with a pure spirit we can bless the meeting just by our presence even though we are silent.

3. Being a mouth piece of God:
Jer 15 : 19 (We can be a mouthpiece of God even in our conversations or telephonic conversations) If we judge and criticize others we grieve the Holy Spirit Eph 4 : 29, 30. The best way to stop this habit is by seeing even in a small way how each person manifests Christ in their character instead of focusing on the the uncultural way somebody behaves towards us. Col 3: 11.

4. Finding my service in the Church and doing it faithfully:
1 Cor 12 : 15, 16, 21 Its written of two attitudes (a) Because I have a very small funtion in the Church I’m not a part of the Church (b)I don’t need others. But in the true body of Christ when one member suffers all suffer and when one member is honored all rejoice.

5. Coming to the Church to be spent and not for gain:
1 Cor 12 : 15 Zech 14 : 21 Jesus will drive away all who come to the Church to gain honor or position or to get business contacts etc.

6. Most valuable member in the Church is one who can built fellowship:
Eph 4 :16 As joint connects two parts of the body and as we have many joints in our body God wants many in His body who can built fellowship between one another.

– Sam Varghese