Jesus, the Lord of your life

The word Lord means, a person who has authority, control, or power over others in short, an owner. This means when we say that Jesus is the lord of our life we are saying that He is the owner of everything that defines us: our thoughts, actions, deeds, money etc. everything belongs to Him, no one—not even those who deny His existence—can be free of His rule or outside His sphere of authority.

Learning this was a real breakthrough for me as I never have to be worried cause He who made the heavens and the earth is capable of doing more than I can ask or think. The house I live in, money, clothes, the family He has given me are all His, I am just a caretaker.

As God is the owner of my life not once should my heart ache when someone asks me to lend something or if I lose all my earthly possessions. God is in control, He is more than capable to find a way out.

I am praying everyday so that I am able to entrust my life into His capable hands and admit that I would create a chaos if I tried to run my life.

– Ruth George