Perfection Of Our Faith


Some people believe that  christian  life is all about faith and nothing to do with works. Yet others argue that it is all about actions irrespective of what you believe.

Works of obedience would necessarily follow faith in God. If faith has no obedience, such faith cannot save us.

Even demons believe in God and tremble. But they don’t obey God!

If faith has no works it is barren and dead. Abraham’s faith led him to steps of obedience. When God tested him if he would sacrifice the only son he loved he didn’t hesitate to obey. Obedience was working hand in hand with his faith. He was justified by works of obedience. As a result of the works his faith was perfected (See James 2:21-22).

A man is justified by works of obedience and not by faith alone (See James 2:24).

We thus see how faith produces works of obedience and faith is perfected by works.

– Abraham Isac