Acknowledging Our True Condition – Biju Thomas

Acknowledging our true condition – Biju Thomas

Acknowledging our faults shown by our partners and loved ones. God is trying to teach us a lesson .

  • Luke 23:40-43 thief on the acknowledged his sin and he was in paradise
  • Numbers 13:27 God will help to overcome
  • 2 Sam 12:7 lord has taken davids sin
  • 1 Sam 15:24 Saul never acknowledged his sin completely
  • Psalms 32:3…
  • Jeremiah 3:12 acknowledge your iniquity that you have transgressed and God will show favour and look with anger
  • Hosea 5:15 acknowledge your guild and seek me
  • Mark 9: 23 all things are possible to him who believes
  • John 9:39-41 Pharisee claim to see everything and did not acknowledge
  • Romans 7:7

Acknowledge that there are giants in our lives and God will help us gain victory. Any area you week in ask God to help u. Jesus didn’t sin but yet died on the cross , It should be easy for us to acknowledge our sin since we are declared sinners .


Ps 139:23 search my heart and see if there any sin
Romans 10:10 God has set everything right between me and him


Because of our pride and people’s opinion that we do not want to acknowledge. God is always waiting with arms stretched.
Mat 6:8He knows our life and what we need, we just have to acknowledge to progress.


Do you really serve God or your husband ? God was asking me this as I was cooking food for my husband
Hosea 6:6 for I delight in loyalty and not sacrifice


In the name of Jesus rise up and walk, as the children song read which really encouraged me
Heb 12:12 God wants to strengthen the hands and feeble knees so those out of joint can be fixed


When you acknowledge God works.
Ps 4:6 when I go to bed in peace, God alone makes me dwell in safety.


When I commit some errors at work place I go to my manager and acknowledge it.
Same thing I need to do with God. When we fall we should acknowledge be it the 100th time we fall.