God Leads His People – Abraham Isac

God leads his people – Abraham Isac

-Exodus 13:21-22 pillar of cloud and fire
Move along the cloud of God, God takes responsibility and leads you
-Exodus 33:14 my presence shall go with you and I Will you rest
-Exodus 33:15-16 God leads and guides me
-Psalm 33:8
-Isaiah 58:11 Lord will continually guide you

Three principles how God guides us
1 – The word of God.
2Cor 6:14 do not be bound with unbelievers
2 – peace of God. Phil 4:6 peace of God surpasses all understanding
3 – circumstances beyond our control

Thank you church, thank you Mabel aunty for the Sunday school. And all for wonderful family.

Proverbs 3:6 in All your ways acknowledge him and he will guide u.
Incline your hear God’s voice everytime

Had a fight with my sister, Told Her something and she cried. Then I told her sorry and she forgave me.

Rajesh R
Put your will in God’s hands. The peace of God will flow and in circumstances ask God to lead you

Mark 4:38 Jesus was at rest, in the storm time also he was asleep. I want to find that same rest
Heb 4:1 enter his rest

Ruth Samuel
Eph 5:17 do not be foolish, but understand the will of God

Exodus 33:14 gods presence will lewd and there only I will go
2 Cor 4:8 we are afflicting in every way, but not crushed. Perplexed but not despairing
Jeremiah 29:8 do not let prophets and diviners deceive u.
Wait for God’s time and he will guide my step. He knows the plan for my life.