God will do something new – Abraham Isac

Abraham Isac

When we focus on others we lose the light.

If we focus on ourselves we will save ourselves and others as well.

  • Is 43:19 God will do something new
  • Ez 36:26-27 God will give us a new heart
  • Heb 8:9-11 Holy Spirit will write in our hearts and put laws in our mind
  • Ps 51:10 create in me a clean heart
  • Is 58:11 God will continually guide you
  • Phil 1:6 He who has begun this good work will perfect it
  • Phil 2:13 God is at work in you.

Be a repairer / bridge than a barrier.


Something to ponder – Do I hate sin more than last year ? Have I appreciated people more than last year ? Have I become more sensitive to sin than last year ? Do I forgive more ?

  • Phil 4:8


  • Is 43:16-20


  • Jeremiah 32:38-41


Isaiah 43 touched me when I lost my first job . God guides me and opened a new path for me.