Godliness with contentment – Abraham Isac

What the lord has taught us – reflect on Bangalore conference

Bro Abu – Godliness with Contentment

Phil 4:11-12 Paul was content with what he had

  • we had struggles and difficulties but God has preserved us.
  • Joseph saved in the time of harvest and during famine he could use and provide for his family and others .

Luke 3:14 – content with wages

  • learn to live within the income God gives.
  • Are we happy and content with our wages ??

Heb 13:5 free from the love of money, being content with what you have.

  • learning to be content with the things we have
  • Don’t buy things to show / compare with others , craving what is not essential

2Cor 12:10 content with weaknesses, distress, insults, persecution, difficulties…

1Tim 6:7 we have brought nothing into the world, we cannot take anything out of it either


Keeping our conscience clear all the time. Acts 24:16

It is possible to meet all our needs without compromise. There is no shortage of money in His kingdom but there is a great shortage of righteous people. Thanksgiving, praise, and worship.


Richness in fellowship among humble brothers. No discrimination in terms of any brothers or sisters, all are equal. What is the motive of coming to church? It needs to be for becoming like Christ. Father was pleased with Jesus when he lived a normal life without any miracles. The difference in the ministry of Peter and John. Peter was catching fish, while John was mending the nets. Secret of an overcoming life is saying yes to God while saying no temptation.


Phil 2:14 do all things without grumbling or disputing

God will save us from grumbling

2Cor 3:13

Come to Jesus to get life everyday, constant dependence on God. God will not leave us half way, what he has started he will end it


Prayer life – we should be praying at all times

Holiness – a true Christian will live a Holy life

Not everyone can become a preacher but everyone can become a message by being a good example.

Lizzy aunty

God demands total commitment. Having a right attitude towards money. To know our own problem rather than pointing to others.

Matthew 5:3: Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Having a sense of need always. Always coming to Jesus for the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is more of listening than talking. Listening to God more than talking to Him.