A Tribute To Godly Sisters

(Proverbs 31:10-31)

This passage starts with an illustration of  the unparalleled value of an excellent wife. Her worth is described as far more than rubies.

She completes her tasks excellently inside and outside home with enormous energy. She  devotedly care for her husband and children without fail.

Her kindness extends to her servants and even to outsiders. She is sensitive to the needs and struggles of other families.

She looks joyfully to the future with hope and confidence. She does not  yield to discouragement.

She speaks with wisdom and graciousness. ( God has no partially; He gladly gives wisdom to anyone who seeks, irrespective of their gender).

She plays a silent, powerful and encouraging role behind her husband to make him successful.

Her husband praises her. Children too observe her virtues and call her “blessed”.

Truly, all godly sisters deserve  encouragement and praise!

– Abraham Isac